What is a newsradar?

A newsradar is a stream of news items covering a very specific topic. A newsradar is usually created by aggregating together news feeds from a multitude of different sources covering the specific topic selected and adding to the resulting mix content items found through the use of so-called search feeds. Newsradars normally require the use of sophisticated filtering algorithms to eliminate duplicates and to include and exclude content based on a number of variable factors.

In more technical terms a newsradar is nothing else but an RSS feed which is the result of aggregating, mixing and filtering a large number of source-specific and search-based RSS feeds.

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NewsRadars.com as described by Robin Good

Newsradars.com is a new online company backed by Mihai Bocsaru, Robin Good's own RSS webmaster, which offers an easy way to build, create and integrate effective newsradars on your corporate site, news site or professional blog.

The service offered by Newsradars.com includes the scoping and identification of the content sources required to scout your topic of interest as well as the technical setup required to aggregate, store, filter and mix all of the content gathered according to your specific needs.

Newsradars.com allows you to integrate your custom-specified topic-specific news stream into any existing or to-be-built web site by creating a web page that matches exactly your corporate "look and feel".

In matter of days Newsradars.com can develop a working prototype of your custom-specified topic feed and based on your feedback can then immediately proceed to integrate the output from it onto your site, or to provide the RSS master feed to your own webmaster for final publication.

What is unique about Newsradars.com is the fact that you don't have to worry about anything when it comes to creating one or more newsradars for your site. Mihai Bocsaru and his team will take care of your specific needs and will do everything that is needed to create a newsradar that satisfies your requirements.

Javascript integration, sponsorship integration, Google AdSense, Yahoo Overture, Kanoodle and deployment is not a problem for Newsradars.com. Once your newradar is running and attracting visitors it is a simple job to retro-fit it with revenue making advertising opportunities or affiliate products links.