What is a newsradar?

A newsradar is a stream of news items covering a very specific topic. A newsradar is usually created by aggregating together news feeds from a multitude of different sources covering the specific topic selected and adding to the resulting mix content items found through the use of so-called search feeds. Newsradars normally require the use of sophisticated filtering algorithms to eliminate duplicates and to include and exclude content based on a number of variable factors.

In more technical terms a newsradar is nothing else but an RSS feed which is the result of aggregating, mixing and filtering a large number of source-specific and search-based RSS feeds.

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What are the benefits of newsradars?

The key benefits of using a newsradar include:

  1. A newsradar is a real-time monitoring engine on a specific news topic. If properly designed, it will be richer, broader and more relevant than the content on the same topic produced by any other media stream.
  2. A newsradar allows individuals and business to stay on top of specific topics, products or issues. For example, anything that is written, said or published about a specific product can be tracked.
  3. A newsradar allows a company or an individual to track and monitor, in near real-time, .any usage of their name, trademarks or brands by others anywhere on the web, news, or blogs.
  4. A newsradar is a collector of information on a specific topic or theme. As such, a newsradar can be used to confer extra authority and relevance to any site needing to demonstrate  awareness of one or more specific topics.
  5. A newsradar is also an instrument for building credibility on any site wishing to provide breaking news or other selected content on its specialist topic. By publishing a quality stream of highly focused news the site can become the preferred point of reference for anyone interested in the topic.